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Pakistan Festival 2019!

Aug 18
Entry 6

Join us on Sunday, August 18, 2019, from 11am – 8:30pm, in the parking lot by Entry 6 for the Pakistan Festival 2019!

The annual Pakistan Festival is the largest gathering of Pakistani-Canadians in British Columbia and showcases the cultural heritage, diversity, landscapes, music, poetry, fashion, cuisine and beauty of every corner of Pakistan.  

Stalls, booths and tents showcasing Pakistani products/handicrafts and cuisine are on hand.  Local artists will fill the grounds with the sight and sounds of traditional and contemporary Pakistani song and dance. Games and attractions for children are also available throughout the day in a designated Kids’ Zone. 

Some of the highlights of Pakistan Festival 2019 include; the freshly made Pakistani food available at the event, a fashion show depicting the latest Pakistani trends, and a live performance by the internationally renowned Abrar Ul Haq!

We look forward to seeing you at Pakistan Festival 2019!