Employee Shuttle

We are pleased to provide two employee shuttles for Tsawwassen Mills. The route from 110th Ave. to Tsawwassen Mills and the route from Kwantlen Polytechni University to Tsawwassen Mills supplements existing public transportation routes to Tsawwassen Mills (601, 609, 620).


Scott Road Route

Fees are $2 each way with tickets available in a 2 pack for $4.20 (tax included), 10 pack for $21 (tax included) or a monthly unlimited pass for $42 (tax included). The service consists of two 29 passenger shuttle buses, and one 48 passenger shuttle bus for peak periods operated by Universal Coach Line bus company.

Tickets and Monthly Pass sales can be purchased at Guest Services.
  • Frequency of the service: every 40 minutes except two breaks.
  • Breaks are at Tsawwassen Mills: 12:00pm to 12:20 pm and 7:00 pm to 7:20 pm.
  • The listed departure times (to the right) from Tsawwassen Mills are for the second stop on Salish Sea Drive.
  • * departures marked with an asterisk are for shuttle buses departing from Entry #3 at Tsawwassen Mills. 

Shuttle PICK-UP from Scott Road To Tsawwassen Mills:
  • 110th Avenue (bus stop located between 125th St and BC Parkway) 

Shuttle DROP-OFF from Scott Road To Tsawwassen Mills:

  • Bus stop on Salish Sea Drive by Entry 3.



effective MARCH 1, 2018

We are announce a second employee shuttle route from Surrey commencing Thursday, March 1.  This additional route from Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) in Surrey on 72nd Avenue at 126th Street increases accessibility from a key, central Surrey location with connections to public transit. 

Fees are $2 each way with tickets available in a 2 pack for $4.20 (tax included), 10 pack for $21 (tax included) or a monthly unlimited pass for $42 (tax included). Tickets can be purchased at Guest Services.

The service will consist of one 29 passenger shuttle bus circulating on a 45 minute schedule each way between KPU and Entry 3 of Tsawwassen Mills.  

See the schedule on the right for detailed depature times. 

Shuttle PICK-UP from Kwantlen Polytechnic University To Tsawwassen Mills:
  • 72nd Avenue at 126th Street
Shuttle DROP-OFF from  KPU To Tsawwassen Mills:
  • Near Entry 3, across from Boston Pizza