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As the City Spins Around You

"My Vancouver is very different from your Vancouver. My Vancouver is based on where I work, where I shop, where I live, where my friends are. We all live in our own versions of the city. And how interesting would it be to paint different versions of Vancouver as little worlds in themselves? This space is at Victory Square at Cambie and Hastings. It is sort of a midpoint between the downtown east side and where it starts to become downtown.” – Shallom Johnson

Located near Entry 4 - See map below. 


Shallom Johnson
Shallom is a Canadian visual and dance artist, writer, arts administrator, and educator. She has been creating work under the alias Indigo since 2008. Shallom has spent over ten years working in the visual art, performing arts, and media industries. Medium: Spray paint and latex

Thomas Buchan - Videographer 
Working with Intergalactic Agency, Thomas Buchan was tasked with creating a compelling and vibrant video documentary of the Graffiti Artwork Mural, "As the City Spins Around You" created by Shallom Johnson on the ceiling of the City Neighbourhood. This video is playing at the bus stop screens below the mural.