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Some stores may have hours that differ from the mall hours displayed above.

We have special hours for the holidays. 

Holiday Hours


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Mall Artworks

View all 22 mall artwork in the list below

Visit Guest Services located next to Entrance 3 or click here for a printable copy of our Artwalk brochure and take a self guided tour.

For more details of each artwork, click on the links below.

Herons - Click here

Wolf - Click here

As the City Spins Around You - Click here

City Icon - Click here

Progressive Art Bench - Click here

Sea to Sky - Progressive Art Shapes - Click here

House Post - Click here

Loon - Click here

Frog - Click here

Otter & Salmon - Click here

Beaver - Click here

Woven Baskets - Click here

Feast Bowl & Ladle - Click here

Sun & Moon Spindle Whorls - Click here

Stylized Geese & Designs - Click here

Central Hearth - Click here

Fish Icon - Click here

Contemporary Paddles - Click here

Whale & Salmon Wall Graphics - Click here

Fishing Weir Bench - Click here

Eyes of Our Ancestors Weaving - Click here

Grass Icon - Click here

Outdoor Life – Sports - Click here

Bikes - Click here

Bear - Click here

The Raven Spindle Whorl - Click here

Bollard Stamp - Click here