Native Status Card

Tsawwassen First Nation Status Card

Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) Urban Treaty determines the sales tax exemption for Native Status Card Holders and it does not apply at Tsawwassen Mills.

Under the Tsawwassen First Nations Final Agreement, the sales tax exemption is applicable only on the former Reserve. The lands on which Tsawwassen Mills is developed, was property of the Crown added to Tsawwassen Lands at a later date and therefore not part of the original Reserve. Sales tax exemption for TFN members and other status Indians does not apply.

Now, for larger items (such as vehicles and boats), retailers may be asked to make arrangements whereby they deliver the product and exchange funds on Tsawwassen Lands that was formerly the reserve (just across Salish Sea Way). On those lands, they would get the exemption. 

Reference: Chapter 20, clauses 16-20, of the Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement.