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Central Hearth

The hearth is a central element of the Coast Salish people which is often found in the centre of many traditional homes or villages. The fire was kept alight and formed the focal point for the First Nations family. It was the place where food was prepared and shared and where ancestral stories were told.
The Frog illustrated on the floor is a sign to the First Nations people to put away the winter activities and prepare for a new season. The frog symbolizes cleansing, peace, and rebirth.
The Intergalactic team created custom graphic animations of local creatures, in the style of the Tsawwassen First Nation, and they are shown on this modern take of the traditional hearth.
The work included liaising with the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) artists to ensure the animations were true to our west coast heritage. We worked to created compelling illustrations and animations in TFN style that alluded to themes of the Pacific Northwest and TFN cultural stories.

Located near Entry 5 – See map below.


Animation – Intergalactic Agency
Artwork Sketches – Karl Morgan, Holly Campbell
Fabricators – 3DSEos Lightmedia

Holly (Williams) Campbell
My name is Holly-Anne (Williams) Campbell. My ancestral name is Quyupulenulwut, which was given to me on January 14th, 2016.  I come from the Tsawwassen First Nation, Haida Nation and married into the Musqueam First Nation.  My biggest influence is my mom Sharon Hitchcock from Haida Gwaii – she did all mediums canvas, silver, argillite and even carved masks. My Auntie Loretta introduced me to Cedar it’s been a part of my life ever since. My Dad has always believed in me and kept me inspired.

Karl Morgan
Karl is a member of the Tsawwassen First Nation and a Coast Salish carver.  Karl finds his inspiration from the inhabitants of the Salish Sea, the Fraser River and surrounding Coast Salish lands. Karl has been carving for 28 years; and was taught by Joe Becker of the Musqueam, Jody Wilson of Ladner, B.C. and Eric Robertson.  Karl enjoys working with yellow and red cedar.