Curbside Pickup

At Tsawwassen Mills, the following retailers offer curbside pickup service:


Place an order with a participating retailer via one of their purchase processes (website, phone call, app…).

Thank you for your valued cooperation.


Make sure to make your way to the designated pickup area previously provided by the retailer and to park your car in one of the parking spaces identified by a number in the area identified by the retailer.


Contact the retailer with whom you made the order to inform them of your arrival, and please ensure you are providing your parking space number.

Please open your trunk.


The employee will put your parcel in it after checking your id. Once you have collected your parcel, please leave the numbered parking space as it is reserved for mall curbside pick up service only.


We have reserved various pickup areas for certain retailers. The zones are identified by letters on the plan below. Please note that there are designated parking spaces with numbers in each zone and that sufficient space is maintained between each parking space to comply with social distancing measures.

The use of these parking spaces must comply with all governmental directives, including health and safety directives, as well as all rules and regulations implemented by the shopping centre.