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Eyes of Our Ancestors Weaving

This traditional weaving of wool and cedar pays homage to the elders of the Tsawwassen Nation.  They are a source of inspiration and guidance for many in our community. They also are the memory of our community, they preserve and pass on our language, our culture and our traditional heritage.
The inspiration for “Eyes of Our Ancestors” is the nature and beauty of the Tsawwassen Lands.

The blue at the top of this weaving represents the sky with 7 geese flying below. The yellow, red and orange represent the sunset and the blue is the water. The grey represents the beach and the texture of the sand. Towards the bottom of the design are the “Eyes of Our Ancestors” and the blue reflection of the water. This weaving was made using the twill technique.

Located in the Management Office – See map below.


Loretta Williams
Loretta is an experienced First Nations artist, entrepreneur and mentor whose artwork is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles using various mediums including wool, pine needles, beads and cedar. Loretta’s ancestry is Tsawwassen, Musqueam, Penelakut, Malahat, Skokomihs and Scottish.
Loretta has been weaving professionally since 2004.  Loretta handcrafts Cedar hats and baskets using either red or yellow cedar, and speaker sashes made from wool and cedar.