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Feast Bowl & Ladle

This feast bowl and ladle are inspired by our First Nation Culture. All First Nation people pride themselves on feasting with their guests, and any social event. Traditionally in their longhouses, they would have used these large feast bowls for soups and stews. The canoe was their main mode of transportation and could be carved to fit any size using our old growth red cedars. This small canoe feast bowl is honoring the canoe.

Located at the Food Hall – See map below.


Cliff Gurniak
Cliff started carving under the guidance of his brother Karl Morgan on house posts and large scale works at the age of 12.  After years of apprenticing, he completed his first house post which can be seen on Tsawwassen First Nation lands. He finds inspiration from studying old works at University of British Columbia, local wildlife of Tsawwassen First Nation, and the wildlife he sees while fishing on the ocean and river. Cliff enjoys collecting cedar bark for his Mother, the Tsawwassen First Nation linguist and artist.