Mall Artwalk


The Herons portray the abstract idea of Tsawwassen’s local animals in nature from the perspective of an artist. The collage and assembly of a wide variety of materials represent the viewpoints of several types of artists: photographer, sculptor, metalworker, wood carver, and painter. The collaboration between the artists and the artisan fabricator, who contributed their own flair, created this rustic assemblage.

These elegant and imposing sculptures are composed using a mix of materials – fiberglass, steel, cedar, dichroic, glass and stainless steel, mounted on an internal steel structure. This sculpture was created over a period of six months by 3DS Creative lead Shane Hunter, and sculpture Cezar Sallaveria. The design for the carved wings was provided by Karl Morgan of Tsawwassen First Nations.

Located near Guest Services – See map below.


JPRA Architects

Jeremy Gascho 
Jeremy provides design input, digital renderings, working with a variety of consultants, and communication with clients. His retail design experience covers all phases of projects from conceptual design through construction administration.

Ken Zawislak
Ken (1961-2016) was a Senior Associate at JPRA Design. Ken’s extraordinary creativity, hands-on attention to detail, and finesse when coordinating complicated architectural design projects has left a lasting imprint on the retail landscape across the continent. Notable Canadian projects which bear his design influence include Vaughan Mills, CrossIron Mills, and his final project, Tsawwassen Mills.

Fabricator – 3DS
3DS is made up of 40-plus veteran designers, artists, engineers and fabrication specialist, working in multiple disciplines and materials at their Burnaby fabrication studio. They specialize in creating truly extraordinary and inspiring storytelling experiences as they bring to life the creative vision of premier architecture and design firms.