Mall Artwalk

Sea to Sky – Progressive Art Shapes

“My split ‘U’ design is a common shape used in our cultural art formation. The design helps configure our animals, I incorporated a killer whale and an Eagle. I named this piece ‘Sea to Sky’ because we come from the Salish seas where the killer whales swim. The sky where our great spirit guide flies high… higher than any other.” – Holly (Williams) Campbell

Located near the Food Hall – See map below.


Holly (Williams) Campbell
My name is Holly-Anne (Williams) Campbell. I was given my ancestral name is Quyupulenulwut on January 14th, 2016. I come from the Tsawwassen First Nation, Haida nation and married into the Musqueam First Nation. My biggest influence is my mom Sharon Hitchcock from Haida Gwaii – she used mediums such as canvas, silver, argillite and even carved masks. My Auntie Loretta introduced me to Cedar it’s been a part of my life ever since. My Dad has always believed in me and kept me inspired.