Mall Artwalk


With a style to compliment the other artwork pieces 3DS created for Tsawwassen Mills, the original faceted wolf idea was customized by the fabricators through incorporating some First Nations inspired artwork onto the wolf’s exoskeleton. To give the wolf more character, each of the hand-cut, stainless steel triangles that make up the overall body was grinded by hand to replicate the wolf’s natural fur pattern. Hand-carved eyes were also integrated to bring the wolf’s focused stare alive.

Located in front of Winners – See map below.


Fabricator – 3DS
Special recognition: Shane Hunter & Cezar Salaveria for the wolf; Cezary Hajda for the rock work. 3DS is made up of 40-plus veteran designers, artists, engineers and fabrication specialist, working in multiple disciplines and materials at their Burnaby fabrication studio. They specialize in creating truly extraordinary and inspiring storytelling experiences as they bring to life the creative vision of premier architecture and design firms.