Mall Artwalk

Woven Baskets

Inspirations behind these baskets:

Our Journey Canoe, Nation to Nation” Basket
We once travelled far and wide from nation to nation on our sacred canoe. As we travelled on our almighty cedar, it gave us protection on our journey to our sacred house of healing. When we made it to our destination we were all welcomed with open arms. Song, dance, tears and teachings from our elders. We all sat and shared a meal together as we still do till this day.

A Dance for Our Loved Ones” Basket
Our house of teaching, our house of healing, our house of tears, our way of life. We must never let our spirit die and fade away as we are very rich people with a strong culture and proud nations. We are all one; one heart, one mind. A dance for our loved ones, a dance for our people, a prayer to the creator. For honour, respect, and love. To take care of our families and let no harm come our way, to help guide us in our path of our life. A dance for land that gives up life to keep ours rich in culture and abundance food and medicine.

Located at the Food Hall – See map below.


Holly (Williams) Campbell
My name is Holly-Anne (Williams) Campbell. I was given my ancestral name is Quyupulenulwut on January 14th, 2016. I come from the Tsawwassen First Nation, Haida nation and married into the Musqueam First Nation. My biggest influence is my mom Sharon Hitchcock from Haida Gwaii – she used mediums such as canvas, silver, argillite and even carved masks. My Auntie Loretta introduced me to Cedar it’s been a part of my life ever since. My Dad has always believed in me and kept me inspired.